Battery Charger Repairs

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Inverter and Battery Charger Repairs
Our vast experience enables us to confidently repair, completely re-furbish and service your equipment at parts level rather than reverting to circuit board replacement, therefore bringing down the cost of repair.

Does your Eagle EV, Projecta or Electro battery charger need repairing or servicing?
We can assist with the models shown below ↓
Eagle EV Battery Charger, 48V-22A


Contact Electronics, Projecta Battery Charger Repairs
Projecta IC-3500 Battery Charger
Electro BC-1230 Battery Charger



Delta-Q Battery Charger Repairs_Contact Electronics your golf cart running

Delta-Q QuiQ-1500 Battery Charger


If you have questions about our ability to repair or service a particular product
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We offer a 12 month warranty on all repairs we undertake to complete

Newmar chargers
Australia’s authorized warranty repairer for Newmar inverters and battery chargers

Newmar - 6 units