What type or brands of battery chargers and inverters do you repair?
We regularly repair and service the following units:

  • Cotek
  • Eagle EV
  • Electroparts
  • Matson
  • Mastervolt
  • Newmar
  • Projecta
  • Tecsup
  • Victron
  • Voltech
  • Xantrex

Please phone or email if you have further enquiries regarding type/brands.

How do I know if my charger is worth repairing?
First the unit needs to be visually inspected to assess the damage. At times, even though burning is evident it may not be fatal, as we have successfully repaired many seemingly burnt boards.
After assessing the damage a detailed quote is assembled. The cost of repair versus the cost of buying new is a good indicator of whether to proceed with the repair. Furthermore we take great care to replace all necessary components to guarantee viability.

How long will my repair take?
On average 7-10 working days, depending on parts availability and extent of work needing to be done.

What’s the best way to package and send items?
Package in a firm cardboard box or an Australia Post mailing box, ensuring the unit is well protected and will not be damaged during transport. Please include your name, postal address and contact details with the item.

Also be sure to notify us by phone or email so we can expect your delivery.